Go get 100s of Free Solo Ads

Hey Everyone:-)

Just FYI… The Godfather of Traffic Backs the Blue!
Actually we back ALL first Responders but…

it’s…. National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

So a Few things to start it out;

Matthew Graves has launched another site, what’s New
Right!!! But, You can go claim a Supercharged Solo and


and… We have kinda Joined another,(Well hopefully MANY)
Admin with building a cross promotion splash page, that
will get you lots of Solos and Advertising across many

So go get your Free Solos,(100+) and Advertising:

It might be worth bookmarking the above page as we
will be adding Promo Codes regularly:-)

Our Sites are All at the Bottom, So don’t miss those
Free Solos either.

Last but not least we will be Launchinng a New Traffic
Site in 20 Days, So keep your eyes open, this one is
different than All Our others:-)

Best Wishes,


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List Building 101

Hi Folks,

If you were, or were not Following my channel
on list building, and just want them,
here are the 12 Videos on list building that
I have uploaded to YouTube:

Direct Download:

YouTube Channel:

More Videos are coming:-)

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Get YOUR Email Marketing Plan Right Here

Hey Guys and Gals…

I’ve just released a brand new guide that will show you how to
create successful email campaigns for your business.

It’s Called: Email Marketing Success – How To Build An Email List
And Create Successful Email Marketing Campaigns.

You can take a look and grab your copy here:

While I have Your Attention, have you checked Out the New
Christmas Login Offer at All of Our Sites?

Or… Our Holiday Bonus Page?
We’re giving away Free Upgrades and
Solo Ads!

This is a Great Time to Upgrade, these prices won’t come
around for another year!

Have a Fantastic Week,

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Congrats to those who made the list:-)

Results are out for Oct.  I love seeing Team Members

make the List. I know we can ALL be on it every month

with a little Effort.

October Results

I’m only going to give 3 Tips for making it on the lists…

Read this:  https://blog.trafficwave.net/affiliates/grow-trafficwave-net-affiliate-income/

The 2nd I want to impress: https://blog.trafficwave.net/affiliates/trafficwave-affiliate-plan/

The last is login EVERY Day go to your Affiliate Manager and Promotional Tools.

Then go down to your Web Pages and Send to Twitter, FB, and other Social Platforms

you may use, I also do Apsense and Cash Juice. I do it in the Morning and at Night. 1x

each. You don’t want to Spam the platforms, or it will backfire on you.

Then… See You on the List Next Month:-)



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The Benefits of Email Marketing Automation in 2021

I guess you guys know I occasionally come across
articles in my email box that I like to share… when
I think they are worthy of your attention!

The Benefits of Email Marketing Automation in 2021


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One for the Dreamers – Your Investment!

Your Urls,  the Team Rotator,  and Splash Pages


After a recent contact,  I decided to write this short/long note/article!

So Actually, we put New members urls in 2 spots for the 1st

month to get you the most exposure. Also I/We  do not pay for your

Traffic Wave Membership until your trial is almost over, so we

can get you your full,(close to it), 60 Free Days with Traffic Wave.

By that time we/you  should have your account paid for by your referrals

so that you never pay. Mind you this is Not Fail-safe. You are

ultimately responsible to build Your Business, the Team is a helping

hand. We/I have stressed that members promote 50/50 their own url,

and the team pages.


The pages are all connected to the team rotator. We all promote

these pages and the Rotator randomly gives prospects to team

members. So, if you pick a page and refresh it a few times you will see

your Matrix Buster link come up. I also have the team Rotator

across all the sites we own connected to Banner Ads. Every time

you see a Traffic Wave Banner, when clicked on a Team Members

Matrix Buster Page will come up. My, (Company) pages are the

only ones NOT in the Rotator. We only get the left overs that don’t

sign up at a Team Members page. Then we have to hard sell the reluctant

ones that don’t sign up:-) No matter how many times you refresh the/

your browser, or click on the team pages,  or Rotator url, you will

not see PCMU or Robert Hamborg come up at anytime.

You are responsible to work with your prospects/referrals.

When you get people placed under you, You Must work with

them to retain them in your downline. We do not, and cannot work with

the Prospects/Referrals of every team member for you. And… we have no

way to contact your Prospects/Referrals. It is your Business

you are building, so you must treat it as such. Do Not think you can sign

up and we will build your business, and pay for your Business forever.

The system is not a hand-out system, for people who don’t want to do

any work, and think that their way should be paid,  and their business will

be built for them! Ultimately you have 60 days Free to build your business,

and the extra help and bonuses we give, to get a foundation… and end up

so Traffic Wave is not costing you anything, from there the sky is the

limit for those who will put in the effort, and work, it takes to build any

business! In a few rare cases, I/We have gone ahead and paid a 3rd month

for a member of the team. But the reality is, where can you go and get

your business paid for, for you,  run for you,  built for you,  with no

investment,(Capital, time, effort, work), involved. Business is just that

Business, they do not run themselves, and others don’t run them for you

for Free!


P.S. As a last thought… I can not make members adopt the Team Spirit,

or force them to promote the Team Pages. I Can see what pages are being

promoted and how often. I am able to tell you the numbers are low. Are

you helping the Team?


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New Promo Codes and Lots More

Happy Halloween!

Well it’s early but, Grid Click has New
Prizes, New Leads are Up in the Members
Area, and GOT Members have a New Promo Code
in their Members Area.

Well here is a Treat with No Tricks:-)

If You Haven’t Yet, Go get Your Free Treats
Here: http://iurl.xyz/Treats

And… I have a Bribe for You, No it’s not a Trick,
You can get 75,000 Credits for picking up our new
product: https://pcmu-products.xyz/MS_ADS_Training/

Also Here is a Promo Code for this

Have a Fantastic Day,

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JV Giveaways, List Building, Equals Your Success!

Your Banner Here Across Our Network – Click for Information!

Hey Everyone,

Some of You have been taking Action and
getting in on the JV Giveaways I Co-Host:


Here is the Link to get on my Announcement
List: https://roberthamborg.com/JV_Giveaway_List/

Here is a Link to the First Video
on List Building after the Intro:


Yours in Success,


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List Building Videos

Hey Everyone, I’ll be putting a Bunch of list
Building Videos on my Channel Here: YouTube

The Course and Leads that Accompany this Video are for Everyone:

Only for the First 10 right now, more positions may open in the Future!


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No Passive Income, (Free Money), Here!

Hey Everyone…

If this does not apply to you, then ignore the message, if it does apply,

stop doing this; This Team Build and Traffic Wave in General is NOT a

Passive Opportunity!

I have to reach out and let team members know some facts evidently!

I have been contacted by others in Traffic Wave. If they and their

Sponsors are NOT promoting, and think this is a Passive opportunity,

they are wrong for one, and Not helping our Team to go forward for


Free rides and Zombie accounts are not wanted, nor will they profit,

in the end. Do Not Promote this Opportunity as such, or just be trying to

reel in suckers, just to make your numbers look good, it benefits

nobody! It Simply Creates a bunch of inactive accounts in the end.

And… it creates people who think the System doesn’t work!

Passive is very misleading, I hope nobody on Our Team is saying that!

This Team is for those who will do the work involved with Building a Business!

So called Passive income, is usually to attract people who think they can do no work

and Free Money will fall from the sky. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a Business that

does not require either a good amount of Capital, or Work. I have been Internet

Marketing for 18 years. you either pay someone to do the work for you, or you invest

your time and effort, (work), into it:-)

Having a Free Trial is also not enough. You must be signed up for the Affiliate Program

and the Matrix Buster program to have your account paid for.

Sponsored Members eligible for the Matrix Buster upgrade must meet the following criteria:

1.) They currently have free trial member account.
2.) They are registered as a TrafficWave.net Independent Affiliate.
3.) They are enrolled in the Matrix Buster Program.

Please Do Not Promote this as Passive Income. It is very mis-leading

and helps to feed the belief that Gurus and Scammers spread, ‘Free Money’!

Free Money is for those that are lucky enough to Win the Lottery, and

that is something I have NOT been lucky enough to do in 18 yrs:-)

As a last thought, I highly encourage you to pass this on, forward it

to your Referrals! Shady techniques and Mis-leading people will Not make

us, albeit, You Successful in the end!


Have a Great Weekend,


P.S. This is very limited as I can only, and am time limited

to about half a dozen at a time:


Want something more self paced and set up already:


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