Too Much to DO… so little time:-)

Hey Everyone,


I have meant to be a lot further ahead and posted a bit more. I will be getting more done in coming days.

For now I want to encourage you to login to your TW back office and then click on affiliate

manager. From there you can select Promotional Tools. When you scroll down you will see

your affiliate links. On the right hand side there are Icons that say view and share. So I

encourage you to share to facebook and twitter a couple of your affiliate links once a day.

Not to say spam the Social Networks, but get your links out there once a day. Here is an

email form Brian the Owner of TW. You should sign up for the newsletter and the 30 min.

Challenge as well. I also think you should sign up for the Tsunami Training. These tools

will help you to build your business a lot faster. So here is the note, you of course will want to replace the urls/links with your own:


I want to help you reach your goal of $50,000+ annual income as soon as possible. One of the keys to making that happen is for you to take consistent action.

Today, you are going to spend about two minutes running some quick promotion via Facebook and Twitter.

To start, let’s run a quick “Tweet” in your Twitter account. Feel free to copy this tweet and post it in your Twitter account, now:


Free Course Shows You How To Create a 5 Figure Income: #trwv #affiliates #affiliate #mlm #affiliatemarketing

Next, post this on your Facebook wall and in any Facebook groups you are in that allow advertising:

Our Team Shows You How To Create a 5 Figure Income Online!

I Will Even Pay To Get You Started!

FREE Details:

You can also reach out to your friends and other associates that you know are wanting to make money from home (NO SPAMMING). Tell them that you have joined this team and that we are teaching you how to build a five figure income 100% online.

Invite them to grab the first available spots in your organization so that you can work together to build five figure incomes with our team.

If you’re not sure what to send, here’s a sample message you can use:


Hey, there.

You know how you and I are always looking for ways to build an online income, right? I’ve just joined up with a team that is helping me build a five figure income 100% online. They’re not even asking me to pay anything to get started. They’re paying my start-up costs for me! I wanted to invite you to take a look with me before I start promoting this all over the place so that you and I can work together closely on this one.

Take a look at my site and register for a free 30 day trial. The sooner you get on board with this team, the better we can work together and the quicker you can start building your own five figure income with me.

Go to and let’s get you started on my team!

Brian Rooney

Like I said get signed up for the training and you will get daily tasks to do that will greatly

help in buildinng your TW Business!!!


Have a Great Day,


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