I’m back… a short about Splash Pages!

Hi Everyone,

So I just thought I’d touch for a minute on splash/Lead Capture, or whatever term you like to use. We will of course build them and host them for you. But, if you like to make your own and/or host them yourself this is fine too. We only ask for the Team’s sake you use and still promote the team rotator link. A good place to get some splash pages is from Martin Chandler,  and he also has a lot of other resources at https://reducethehype.com  the splash pages themselves are here: https://reducethehype.com/free-capture-page-templates.htm    He also has some tutorials on modifying them, which I will explain a bit below. Also he has a form generator specifically for TW here: https://reducethehype.com/funnel-maximizer/form-generator/trafficwave-inline.html   It makes the submit or whatever you want to name it button nicer too:-)

I  do not use any of the HTML editors myself. If you have some experience with code you will also do yours the same likely. Generally I just open the main/Index page with a text editor. They may be named different depending on your OS. I use Linux and it is simply called Text Editor. You will want to generate your TW list and likely at least a Welcome letter. You can also import TW’s Autoresponder series. You will then get your raw html form code save it to your text editor, then open the index or main page, whatever it is named in that folder and then look for the following:

<form method=”POST” action=”http://rocketresponder.com/subscribe/”> <input

name=”ID” value=”RocketResponderListName” type=”hidden”> <input name=”return”

value=”” type=”hidden”> <input name=”confirm” value=”” type=”hidden”>
<div><input placeholder=”Enter Your Email” name=”email” class=”email-input”

required=”required” type=”email”></div>
<button type=”submit” class=”button”>Subscribe</button> </form>

Some look like <form>  and end </form>

All you have to do is copy the raw TW form code,  go to the page and highlight the form code there,  and paste your code in it’s place. Simple, at least I think it is.

If you are of the type that would like to do your own and need hosting we offer a 1gb plan at our site here for Free: http://pc.runhosting.com/   You can use several different supplied domain names, or your own. If you want/need one, we suggest NameCheap which is who we use, and you can get Domain Names for as little as $1.00.  And if you want a cheap and larger hosting plan other than ours we suggest Hawk Host,  starting at as little as $2.99 for a really nice plan.

So I likely did not do a great job at step by step page editing instructions. If you have questions you can email me at: admin@tw-ateam.xyz  or robert@5figureswithrobert.com  and I will try to be more helpful.

Have a Great Rest of Your Week, Be Successful and Prosperous,


P.S. Have you shared to the Social Groups today? Login and promote your TW links before you get busy and forget:-)


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