Friendly Reminder…

Hi Everyone,

Hope your 4th is/has gone well, I realize everyone doesn’t have one:-)

I just want to Welcome the New Members and let everyone know that

you can request splash pages and to be put in the team rotator by sending

an email to   I will put a link on the blog for this info.

I will need Your Matrix Buster and Affiliate links for the Rotator. For the splash

pages I will need you to set up your Autoresponder for the Matrix Buster and send

me the Raw html code. If you need help just send an email to the address above

and I will get back to you A.S.A.P.

Here is how that is done:

Go to affiliate manager then scroll down till you see Matrix Buster,

Click in that area and when you are in Matrix Buster look for Promotional

tools then you scroll down till you see Sample Autoresponder campaign.

Then when you click that you will see on the bottom left, Create Sample

Autoresponder Campaign. Click that and it will create it for you in your

Autoresponder list.


Have a Great Day,



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