HI Everyone!

Happy TGIF Day!

So I have been working on a New Site
launch that can be very helpful in Your
List Building Advertures…

it is Called ‘The List Connection’


and, it Launches Tomorrow at Noon.

Anybody on Our PLC-TW Team Build can
Join and get a Gold Level Upgrade Free!

It is a Simple Site, but will be loaded
with resources to help with your List
Building, which in My Opinion should
be the Focus of Every Online… and
Offline Marketer.

I’ll try to squeeze in time to get a
few more Lead Capture Pages Up for
the Team, but may be this coming week
at the earliest.

Also if you missed it I am Co-Hosting a Giveaway

with David Raily and a bunch of other marketers

here:  https://starjv.com/1/go/60

You can Join Free and get a Lot of Products and

stuff to Aid Your List Building!!!


Have a Super Weekend!!!

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