One for the Dreamers – Your Investment!

Your Urls,  the Team Rotator,  and Splash Pages


After a recent contact,  I decided to write this short/long note/article!

So Actually, we put New members urls in 2 spots for the 1st

month to get you the most exposure. Also I/We  do not pay for your

Traffic Wave Membership until your trial is almost over, so we

can get you your full,(close to it), 60 Free Days with Traffic Wave.

By that time we/you  should have your account paid for by your referrals

so that you never pay. Mind you this is Not Fail-safe. You are

ultimately responsible to build Your Business, the Team is a helping

hand. We/I have stressed that members promote 50/50 their own url,

and the team pages.


The pages are all connected to the team rotator. We all promote

these pages and the Rotator randomly gives prospects to team

members. So, if you pick a page and refresh it a few times you will see

your Matrix Buster link come up. I also have the team Rotator

across all the sites we own connected to Banner Ads. Every time

you see a Traffic Wave Banner, when clicked on a Team Members

Matrix Buster Page will come up. My, (Company) pages are the

only ones NOT in the Rotator. We only get the left overs that don’t

sign up at a Team Members page. Then we have to hard sell the reluctant

ones that don’t sign up:-) No matter how many times you refresh the/

your browser, or click on the team pages,  or Rotator url, you will

not see PCMU or Robert Hamborg come up at anytime.

You are responsible to work with your prospects/referrals.

When you get people placed under you, You Must work with

them to retain them in your downline. We do not, and cannot work with

the Prospects/Referrals of every team member for you. And… we have no

way to contact your Prospects/Referrals. It is your Business

you are building, so you must treat it as such. Do Not think you can sign

up and we will build your business, and pay for your Business forever.

The system is not a hand-out system, for people who don’t want to do

any work, and think that their way should be paid,  and their business will

be built for them! Ultimately you have 60 days Free to build your business,

and the extra help and bonuses we give, to get a foundation… and end up

so Traffic Wave is not costing you anything, from there the sky is the

limit for those who will put in the effort, and work, it takes to build any

business! In a few rare cases, I/We have gone ahead and paid a 3rd month

for a member of the team. But the reality is, where can you go and get

your business paid for, for you,  run for you,  built for you,  with no

investment,(Capital, time, effort, work), involved. Business is just that

Business, they do not run themselves, and others don’t run them for you

for Free!


P.S. As a last thought… I can not make members adopt the Team Spirit,

or force them to promote the Team Pages. I Can see what pages are being

promoted and how often. I am able to tell you the numbers are low. Are

you helping the Team?


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