Slightly Modified Re-Post – NOT a Passive Opportunity!

This was a post some time ago. I am re-posting the

old posts as I get time, which I have been a bit short

on these days, I apologize and will try harder to find


Traffic Wave in General is NOT a Passive Opportunity!

I have to reach out and let team members know some facts evidently!

I have been contacted by others in Traffic Wave. If they and their

Sponsors are NOT promoting, and think this is a Passive opportunity,

they are wrong for one, and Not helping our Team to go forward for


Free rides and Zombie accounts are not wanted, nor will they profit,

in the end. Do Not Promote this Opportunity as such, or just be trying to

reel in suckers, just to make your numbers look good, it benefits

nobody! It Simply Creates a bunch of inactive accounts in the end.

And… it creates people who think the System doesn’t work!

Passive is very misleading, I hope nobody on Our Team is saying that!!!

This Team is for those who will do the work involved with Building a Business!

So called Passive income, is usually to attract people who think they can do no work

and Free Money will fall from the sky. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a Business that

does not require either a good amount of Capital, or Work. I have been Internet

Marketing for 18 years. you either pay someone to do the work for you, or you invest

your time and effort, (work), into it:-)

Having a Free Trial is also not enough. You must be signed up for the Affiliate Program

and the Matrix Buster program to have your account paid for.

Sponsored Members eligible for the Matrix Buster upgrade must meet the following criteria:

1.) They currently have free trial member account.
2.) They are registered as a Independent Affiliate.
3.) They are enrolled in the Matrix Buster Program.

Please Do Not Promote this as Passive Income. It is very mis-leading

and helps to feed the belief that Gurus and Scammers spread, ‘Free Money’!

Free Money is for those that are lucky enough to Win the Lottery, and

that is something I have NOT been lucky enough to do in 18 yrs:-)

As a last thought, I highly encourage you to pass this on, forward it

to your Referrals! Shady techniques and Mis-leading will Not make

us, albeit, You Succcessful in the end!

Have a Fantastic Day!

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