Hey Team Builders

Hope your all doing well!

I have just put a New Splash Page Up in the Resources

Section. It seems to convert great. Check it out, I put it

on top of the list. It’s gotten 35 Signups in one day with

only a couple mailings, for my other bread winner 5

Billion Sales, so I made a few modifications and adopted

it to Traffic Wave.


Here’s the Link: https://tw-ateam.xyz/TeamBuild/Life_Changing/


Happy Promoting,


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If you missed this I urge you to check it out:-)

If you missed this I urge you to check
it out:-)

Get the first movers advantage!
…and get 50,000 Credits at
ANY of Our Sites!!!



Join Free, Send a ticket with your
I.D, We’ll add Your Credits… Simple!

Don’t want to read a Long Email go Here:


In stealth pre launch.

Ok whatever you do, be sure to TAKE ACTION on this information!

You can make MILLIONS this year!

There will be fantastic rewards payable to leaders, are you going to be one?

Affiliates and networkers and distributors should be able to see the opportunity clearly, it is about building in pre-launch! Serious people will join your network and they will promote without being pushed. If they do not, then they waste space in your network.

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Your Banner Here Across Our Network – Click for Information!


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New Splash Page!

HI Guys/Gals,


So I have added a New Splash Page to the Resources Page on Site.

Some may like it as it has animated background or rotating images,

whatever:-)  https://tw-ateam.xyz/TeamBuild/JoinMe/

I’ll try to get on more soon!


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Hey Everyone!

Hello My Friends,

So I kinda been MIA the last week or two. Been busy setting up

scripts and products etc. Lots of stuff going on. I last told you about

a New Banner System We are setting up that will put Banners and

the Team Link across at least 40 sites. It is close to ready. I put a

New Email Marketing Mastery Course – all Mp3’s to listen to and

learn some good stuff under the Ebooks and Courses Link.

Here is the link to download that: 

I will have some New Splash Pages Up today!  That’s about it

for now.  Have a Great Week and Keep at it!


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Hey Guys… and Gals:-)

Happy TGIF!

I have fallen behind on about everything, so I

apologize for not getting posts up, and other things

done:-(    I’m Working on 2 New Exchanges and the BIG

thing…  will be that all banners across all of our sites will

soon Rotate the Team Banners and Rotator. It will soon

show on close to 40 of our websites.  We are hoping this

will bring All of you many more prospects and referrals.

It is already on quite a few sites, and all of our exchanges.

The banners displayed are all part of our New Banner System.

More about will come on that later.

If you missed it, here is a Promo Code for Our Sites: Number5

I’ll get with things more in the coming days,


We have Just Opened the Doors…
Have You Gotten Your Free Gifts Yet?


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HI Everyone!

Happy TGIF Day!

So I have been working on a New Site
launch that can be very helpful in Your
List Building Advertures…

it is Called ‘The List Connection’


and, it Launches Tomorrow at Noon.

Anybody on Our PLC-TW Team Build can
Join and get a Gold Level Upgrade Free!

It is a Simple Site, but will be loaded
with resources to help with your List
Building, which in My Opinion should
be the Focus of Every Online… and
Offline Marketer.

I’ll try to squeeze in time to get a
few more Lead Capture Pages Up for
the Team, but may be this coming week
at the earliest.

Also if you missed it I am Co-Hosting a Giveaway

with David Raily and a bunch of other marketers

here:  https://starjv.com/1/go/60

You can Join Free and get a Lot of Products and

stuff to Aid Your List Building!!!


Have a Super Weekend!!!

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Our New Site…

We Officially Launch ‘The List Connection on 08-21-21
Your Welcome to Sign Up and Promote Early. There will be some bugs, and Lots of Missing material before that day, but whats there can be accessed in the meantime! It’s a Simple Site… but will have a lot of information and Products, as well as Training and Courses!


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New Team Splash Pages are Up!

Hi Everyone,

2 New Splash Pages for the Team are Done:-)


These have converted Very Good in 6 Mos. of Testing!

They re-direct to the Team Rotator. You can sign Up

and Test the Process Yourself if You Like!

ONLY Team Members are in the Rotator Now as I

have Removed Myself. If they get so far as to get the

Matrix Buster Series is the Only time they will get my

referral link. But Not Untill the 2nd Letter. I will be promoting

the splash pages as well.


So Happy Promoting, and Succcess to All,



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I got this from Sales this Morning!

Today I got this from Sales and decided some may
have missed it and I thought it was of interest…

If you are wondering how much you can earn as a TrafficWave Affiliate, this article is for you:

Right now, all over the world, TrafficWave Affiliates are building a consistent residual income stream by introducing affliate marketers and business owners to powerful email marketing tools.

TrafficWave Affiliates can earn weekly and monthly commissions, working part-time, from home.

There is literally no limit to how much you can earn with our system.

Learn More At https://blog.trafficwave.net/email-marketing-tips/how-much-can-you-earn-as-a-trafficwave-affiliate/

Yours In Success,

Feel free to ask any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Robert Hamborg

P.S. Have You Posted Your Social Today???

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